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The submitter says, ‘This is all you ever wanted in a Warriors fic.’

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This is a spoof for Warriors: The Power of Three
this is after ashfur stops the trio on the burning tree and squirrelflight tells them she’s not there mother
but in this story hollyleaf never killed ashfur
this is a few days after the gathering that ashfur told the clans everything
Leafpool, was walking to the border of her territory about to leave it forever due to her banishment. She was so deep in thought she didn’t realized the gray cat stalking her through the bushes. The cat leaped at her, and knocked her down. Before she could realize who is was,she got knocked unconciously.
Leafpool awoke soon and found herself with her sister Squirrelflight and her daughter, Hollyleaf. To her surprise, there were 3 other cats with them, Brambleclaw, Ashfur, and Crowfeather. “What.. What are you doing?”,she asked, trying to get on her paws. Brambleclaw launched himself at Leafpool pinning her back down to the ground.
"What we’re doing is teaching you a lesson.",Crowfeather hissed. Ashfur smiled evilly.
"And what better way to teach it to you, than to make you go through another kitting.",he said through clenched teeth, glaring at Squirrelflight. Hollyleaf who had been silent hissed in panic and tried to dash away, but was cut-off by Crowfeather.
"Oh no you don’t!",he hissed loudly, stepping threateningly toward her.
Ashfur tossed Leafpool into the middle and walked to Squirrelflight. “Now your going to love me whether you want to or not.”,he said mounting over her. She tried to get away and nearly slipped throught his paws, but she found Brambleclaw in her way.
"You should be happy Squirrelflight.. Now you might have some REAL kits.",he spat slashing a paw across her muzzle, drawing blood. Crowfeather, was still over Hollyleaf, when he sniffed the air.
"Hey guys. It’s our lucky day. All these bitches are in heat!",he snickered, looking down at her. Leafpool looked at him in shock.
"You can’t possibly mate with HER. She’s your kit, that’s sick!",he yowled as Brambleclaw took her, and faced her towards her sister, so she could get a heart-wrenching veiw. Crowfeather scoffed.
"My only kit is Breezepaw.",he said mounting over her. Hollyleaf didn’t have as much strength as the two sisters, instead she laid there and waited for it to be over. Crowfeather looked down at her. "But soon I may have grand-kits.",he laughed, pressing himself into her until she yowled loudly over and over again. Ashfur pressed his paw down on Squirrelflight’s neck,and did the same, he started pounding her immediatly, not giving her a moment of rest.
Leafpool watched in horror, and looked back up at Brambleclaw, he showed no sympathy. “Don’t look at me. You’re the one who broke the code.”,he smirked and slid his claws out until he could feel the flesh under her fur. Leafpool yowled out as loud as she can, hoping someone might hear her. “Don’t push your luck. This is the most secluded place in the territory. No chances any one but us is gonna hear ya.”,he said moving his paw up to her head to quiet her down. He pushed himself in as far as he could before slamming into her pussy, roughly making sure to give Squirrelflight a good show. Leafpool heard a yowl, and thought it was her sister, but realized it was Hollyleaf. The small black she-cat was pushing back against her intruder, moaning lowly with pleasure. She hid her face in shame and embarrassment but kept on moaning and yowling out. Crowfeather smiled.
"See, Leafpool? Even your kit’s a whore. She can’t resist a good pounding.",he mocked, making Hollyleaf show her pleasure-filled face to her mother and aunt. Leafpool could feel herself tighten around her deputy. Brambleclaw picked up the pace, and Ashfur obviously did the same, getting Squirrelflight to yowl encouragemnt.
"Harder! Faster! Oooh, please more!",she called from behind her sister. She felt no need to hold back anymore, both of the cats she respected had already given themselves up. She began yowling along with her sister, pushing back to meet Brambleclaw, and clawing out the grass in front of her. Soon all the cats in the small clearing reached their climax. The toms stood up shakily and cleaned themselves off, the she-cats laid still, panting from the exhaustion of getting their cruel treatment. The toms were about to leave back for their own camps, then Brmbleclaw stopped and looked back. "You girls better not go far anywhere, ‘cuz now we’re going to be doing this alot more often.",he mewed, leaving them to clean themselves up.

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