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Let’s All Screw Each Other

We can tell we’ll be crying ourselves to sleep tonight.

Possibly with tears of laughter.

This is rated and very NSFW.

Squirrelflight was padding through the forest when she heard a rustling in the brush.

"Squirrelflight," Brambleclaw said when he padded out.

"Yes?" She replied. Then she smelt something that she had smelled before.

"Brambleclaw, were you just…" She trailed off.

"Yes, guilty."Brambleclaw meowed.

"Can we do it again?" Squirrelflight pleaded.

"Oh, alright." Brambleclaw mewed.

Squirrelflight crouched down and pointed her already moist pink core to the sky. Brambleclaw padded up to her and started licking her core. Squirrelflight moaned in passion. Brambleclaw wrapped his tail around his growing length, and pumped his tail up and down. Little did they know that someone was watching.

Firestar popped out and said, “I want in, I haven’t had a tom do me in a while.”

They all purred. Sandstorm popped out too.

"Let’s all screw each other." She suggested.

"Ok." Everyone mumbled.

"Firestar can you suck on my cock, dig your tongue in the slit please." Brambleclaw meowed.

"Sure." Firestar replied and started licking.

Brambleclaw moaned and pumped his cock into Firestar’s hot mouth. Sandstorm crawled under Firestar and stuck is growing length in her core. Firestar pushed down hard into his mate.

"Enough." Brambleclaw let Firestar release his treat and started to mount Squirrelflight.

"Screw me Brambleclaw, screw-" Then Brambleclaw pounded into her, relishing the feeling of her hot core pressing on his length, pulling him in. She was made just for him. Soon everyone climaxed and had a sexy fur-cleaning session.

"Hey, Brambleclaw, I am your leader and I say screw me!" Firestar exclaimed.

"Ok Firestar." Brambleclaw mewed. Firestar got in a crouching position and lifted his tail. Brambleclaw mounted him and pounded into Firestar, again and again.

"Faster, harder." Firestar growled. Brambleclaw pounded even harder. Soon they climaxed and everyone fell asleep, they all knew they had new mating partners, and new loves.

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