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A Wooden Dick Named Smith

We became thankful that FF.net would soon rid the world of these poorly written lemon fanfics.

This is rated and very NSFW.

Ivypool was feeling lonely and in heat. She couldn’t stop masturbating. So one night she stole Jayfeather’s stick after knocking him out and took it down to the lake. She lay on her back and held the stick in her paws, positioning it right over her hole.

"It’s like sex only with a wooden dick," she said to herself, right before sliding the smooth wood into her body. Hesitating only slightly, she took her own virginity.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yeah!" She yowled, pumping the stick in and out of her hole.

Soon she felt her climax arising. She pumped harder and faster, screaming the whole time, until finally her cum poured out of her pussy. The stick was coated in it.

She fell asleep with the stick half in and half out.

She awoke to see Millie standing over her, eyes wide. “What in Star Clan’s name are you doing?” Millie gasped.

"I-I-I…" Ivypool knew Millie could see what she was doing. It was pretty obvious, what with a stick shoved up in her. "Let’s do it together," Millie said, coming over and taking the stick in her jaws, slamming it a few times into Ivypool to make her groan.

Ivypool nodded. “Sounds fun!”

Millie straddled over Ivypool, getting her own pussy, which was one of the tightest in the Clan, right over the other end of the stick. “Let’s see if we can get our hole’s touching, meaning all the stick is in us,” Ivypool said.

Millie slowly started sliding into the stick, letting it just go up into her. “Ohhhh yeah,” she groaned, gyrating her hips to move it around inside her. It rubbed against her walls, making her grunt and scream. She was halfway down the stick, while Ivypool writhed on the ground under the stick, her cum leaking out.

Millie took a deep breath than slammed herself into the stick, her pussy rubbing Ivypool’s.

Both she cats screamed as their cum spit out. They collapsed apart, yanking the stick out of their holes, running back to camp and flopping in their nests.

"Totally hot," Ivypool whispered to herself.

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