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swiftstepofwindclan asked: ARE YOU GUYS FINALLY OFF HIATUS?

Yes. We’ve come out of the coma with only minor brain damage.

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sorophora asked: i do not understand why warriors fans draw cats with EMO FUCKIN HAIR. WHY. WHY.

*strums guitar*

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale

A tale of a fateful trend

That started in a Youtube show

And spread throughout the land

AlliKatNya was a mighty Youtuber

Who got lots and lots of hits

By putting emo hair on cats

And animating it

(And animating it)

The style started spreading out

The whole fandom was tossed

If not for the courage of a fearless few

The fandom would be lost

(The fandom would be lost)

But the fandom became anime

And now we’re kinda fucked

With emo hair on top of heads

The trend has always stuck

(The trend has always stuck)

*slams guitar on the ground repeatedly*

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And to your left you’ll see a cat with an eyeball in its hair. Shocking.

And to your left you’ll see a cat with an eyeball in its hair. Shocking.

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The grass knows. It sees all. It waits.

The grass knows. It sees all. It waits.

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Anonymous asked: WHAT HAPPENED TO FABIO?!?!?!


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It was a dark and stormy night at the Interdimensional Hospital. A hivemind of cubes, all in a coma, lays in a hospital bed, dreaming peacefully. Suddenly, they awaken. They open their eyes, wondering who they are, where they’ve been, what happened - and where is Fabio?

"Where is Fabio?" they asked.

There was silence from the doctor. They knew what this silence meant. Fabio was gone.

The cubes were discharged from the hospital with only minor brain damage and are expected to recover in time for Halloween. What tragedy befell the cubes? Where is Fabio? Will we ever know?

Find out next time…

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Anonymous asked: hi,why do you post other people's art and claim that they are yours? you know perfectly well that it hurts people~Sisyesclawclan from deviantart

Why in the name of everything Fabio would we ever claim that this art is ours?

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A true masterpiece.

A true masterpiece.

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"Lord’a’mercy y’all smells like a kittypet."

"Lord’a’mercy y’all smells like a kittypet."

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420, blazin’ it with Smallear.

420, blazin’ it with Smallear.

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