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Anonymous asked: I know that so many people say bad things about this blog so I'm going to write something good. My art has been on this blog two times but it inspired me to get better and now I actually like my art, you guys are hilarious and I'm really really glad you're continuing this blog,you write good reviews even if most of them seem like jokes.I am actually a SSS warrior cats fan but your reviews on their videos are still good and I will always be a fan of you guys. continue on TWW. *salute*

Aww, such a nice anon! We appreciate it!

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glaringfeline asked: I made picture post/47701392016, can you take it down? It isn't even Warriors artwork to begin with, it was a realism practice. :\ If it were Warriors I would have put it under FanArt.

Certainly, we’ll take it down right away. 

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Anonymous asked: I really hate it when people who draw Warriors art don't seem to realize that six-month-old cats are not kitten sized. At that age, they've almost reached their full height. They just need to fill out more. New apprentices shouldn't be so small in comparison to their mentors, as they're often portrayed. Cats are capable of reproducing at that age, after all.

As experienced cat-watchers, we can verify this as mostly true. Cats that are about six months old will be smaller than a fully grown cat, but not significantly smaller. They’re just about done growing at eight months and should be fully done growing at twelve months.

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Goodnight, sweet princes.

swiftstepofwindclan asked: When will your submit box reopen? will it reopen?

For now we’re going to be the ones to gather up the bad art like the good old days, but we may reopen the submit box on special occasions.

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suicunerider asked: You guys were in a coma? Was the SSS team driving? ...oh god, I hope not. //shudders

We’ve got amnesia so we don’t remember exactly what happened. Knowing how bad the SSS team is at driving though, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was their fault.

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Forever our OTP.

Forever our OTP.

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suicunerider asked: Guys. I love you. You're pretty much what got me back into doing Warriors art.

We’re very glad to have inspired you! We can’t get enough Warriors fan art, good or bad.

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We can’t even choose a favorite cat. They’re all special in their own way.

We can’t even choose a favorite cat. They’re all special in their own way.

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